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Our machines are easy to use and reduce the high costs of business operation. The general structure is manufactured in aluminum which makes the work of assembling and dismantling, as well as transportation much easier. Our machine can be assembled and operated by just one person and transported easily in a small car.

The design of the Model One is our own, and in the process we have kept in mind all the aspects that we think a machine with these characteristics should have in order to be attractive to consumers: easy for personnel to operate and, at the same time, adaptable to different environments always maintaining an attractive design.

The Model One is multipurpose, it adapts to business operators, whatever their preferences may be. It is ready to house webcams as well as DSLR, continuous light with LEDs or independent flash. It can also be used as a #Hashtagprinting station, simply by changing the front panel. This conversion is easy and takes no more than 10 minutes.


Model One Webcam

Simplicity of use



Model One DSLR

Image quality



Model Hashtag Printer

Latest trend



Model One
Model One
Model One
Hashtag printer
Aluminum casing with steel support pole and base
General Touch19-inch touch screen
Computer i5 8gb Ram (expandable)
Printer Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S
Logitech c920 webcam
Canon 700D + Flash + Beauty Dish + brackets
Decorative LED lights
Front LED lights with adjustable brightness
Mini keyboard +mouse
Electric wiring
Internal fan
Front panel photo booth
Front panel hashtag printer
Wifi and external antenna connection
External RJ45, USB, HDMI, mini audio jack
External Microphone

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Details, details, details

We have thought of everything and everyone


We have kept in mind all the practical aspects (we know what it’s like to work at an event, since we have done hundreds during these past years) and the importance of having everything on hand and well organized. Our team thinks in great detail. The power cord goes inside the support pole, so that no one can pull on it and disconnect the machine. The base has levelers that stop the machine from moving on an irregular floor and keeps it perfectly adjusted to the surface. The casing has external ports for HDMI, RJ45, USB, and a Mini Jack for the external microphone. Additionally, we have included an extension of the wifi antenna so that, in case of bad signal reception in spaces with high attendance, we can place an external antenna and improve reception. There’s a bracket on the door of the unit so that, during events, the spare roll of paper is at hand and the change is as quick as possible. Also on the door is the bracket for the bar that supports the flash and the Beauty Dish, stored comfortably so that it’s never loose. In addition, the flash and the Beauty Dish have their own interior bracket, where they will stay when the machine is not in use, so that all elements are integrated into the same casing.


Software is a very important part of the photo booth, video booth, and hashtag printing station equipment. This is so important to us that we think each person should choose the one that he or she likes most, and not be chained to a developer. One can even choose to work with several, depending on the type of event. At Flash Flash Box, unlike other manufacturers who include a brand from some known software developer on the market, we do not include the software to operate the photo booth, video booth, or the hashtag printer in the machines. There’s a wide variety of developers with excellent solutions, and choosing the software you want to use is very personal, so we can give you a list of the most prominent ones and our humble opinion on some of the ones we have used at our events, although we are not experts in software development, for now. Our computer is powerful enough for any software on the market, and we deliver it with Windows 10 installed in whichever language the client orders.


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Take it wherever you want.

Thanks to our kits, you can transform your photo booth into a hashtag printing station, or vice versa, in just a few minutes. With the reduced size support pole, you can adapt your machine for children’s parties, and with our kit for changing from webcam to Reflex camera, you have the option to use different solutions, based on the type of event or client that you have.

All the accessories

100% integrated

Everything in the same unit.

In our Model One design, we wanted everything
necessary to operate the photo booth, video booth, or hashtag printing station to be integrated into the same casing. The printer goes inside and not in a separate unit. For transport and storage, the flash and beauty dish are stored inside the casing in their respective brackets.

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