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Here you will find the most common questions that we receive. If you don’t find the answer to your question, send us an email, or call us; we would love to help you.

We know that each business in every market is different, and the concerns of our clients are very different. We try to understand everyone’s problems and satisfy their needs.

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Yes, visit and you can view our renting services. We operate throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Our delivery time for standard colors is 4 to 6 weeks, and 6 to 7 weeks for custom colors.

Of course! Contact us.

Our reasons are simple: the first is that, aesthetically, we like the round base; another reason is that, if we had included an integrated base, after setting up the machine on unclean floors, it runs the risk of being scratched when you store it if the base is attached to the main unit. Finally, out experience tells us that 90% of the floors where we work during events are not completely flat or smooth, and so we needed levelers to secure the machinery safely on any floor.

They are levelers: if the floor where you are going to work is 100% smooth and flat, you won’t need them; however, if the ground is irregular, you will be thankful that you can level the machine so that it doesn’t dance more than the guests at the event.

Yes, no problem, but first make sure that your camera is compatible with the software that you use! We will discount 600€ from the final cost and we won’t include the camera or its power cord.

If your model has the same dimensions as the K60, no problem, we will discount 700€ from the total.

No. It is our opinion that the performance of the separate components when using the photo booth is better than using a Surface Pro.

Yes, and also just one person can carry it. There are models on the market that are compact but very heavy; ours is compact, but because it is lighter, it is easier to get it into the car.

The manufacturers of the components offer a two-year guarantee in most cases, and in others three years. The casing has a guarantee against manufacturing defects.

All sales are final. Since every product is customized for each client, we do not accept returns. It’s important to be sure of your purchase, and for this reason we are available to answer all your questions, as many times as necessary, before you make a decision. If, when you receive your purchase, you find a manufacturing defect within the first 8 days, we have no problem substituting the defective piece or component for a new one or, if a substitution is not possible, exchanging your unit for a new one. You should send us the equipment in its original packaging with all its components; we will cover the shipping costs. You can see our general conditions of sale through this link.

Software is a very important part of the photo booth, video booth, or hashtag printing station unit. This is so important to us that we think each person should choose the one that he or she likes most, and not be chained to a developer. One can even choose to work with several, depending on the type of event. Contact us if you want to receive a list of the companies that specialize in software for this type of equipment.

Of course. For example, we have clients who buy the machine for a fixed locatoin, in which case it doesn’t make sense to buy the cases. If you are going to offer services at events and transport the machine on a regular basis, we recommend that you buy the cases since they make transportation easier and keep the equipment in good condition.

It’s a manufacturer with recognized prestige and a global presence, and the design of its printers fit what we were looking for perfectly. In addition, thanks to the fact that its printers are the same size among several of their models, this allows us to offer clients the model that they like most.

There are clients who prefer the simplicity of webcams, and others who prefer to have higher quality images. The Model One is designed to work with either of the two. If a client wants to try the webcam option and later change to DSLR, this is also possible with our kit for converting from webcam to DSLR.

A Canon Reflex camera with JOBY stand, a charger, a shoe mount for the flash, a Beauty Dish and its interior bracket, a flash with power cord, and a Synchro cable.

You can use any diffuser that fits the flash: softbox, umbrella...

We provide you with an assembly manual and we will guide you in the first steps. It’s a very easy process that will take you five minutes to learn.

Unfortunately we do not offer financing on the purchase of the machine.

Yes, we can send the machine anywhere in the world. The only thing that will need to be done is to change some cords to adapt to local electrical outlets. Check the shipping costs to your country by sending us an email.

There are manufacturers who require you to buy the paper from them, which increases business costs. We do not require you to buy the paper from us. Mitsubishi has many authorized distributors that can offer you a local paper supply. If you have questions, write to us and we will help you as much as we can. In Spain, we sell a box of paper with 640 sheets of 10x15 for the Mitsubishi K60 at 78€ per box for orders of 5 boxes or more.

Aesthetically, only the front panel changes, which doesn’t have the holes for the camera or the front LED lights. Regarding equipment, it doesn’t include any camera components, whether webcam or DSLR.

Yes, We have it available by separate.

Yes, We can send it logo free. But if you buy our photobooth cases you will get them with Flash Flash Box logos.

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